Welcome to the Greene County Family Engagement Resource Guide (FERG).  If you are reading this, then you or a member of your family is involved with the human service system in Greene County or you are a provider of human services in the county.

We hope that the FERG helps you learn about the service system(s) in Greene County and that it gives you information to help you or your family be actively involved with services.

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Family Engagement Resource Guide (FERG) Welcome

Children & Youth Services (CYS)

Drug & Alcohol (D&A)

Early Invervention (EI)

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program (IDD)

Juvenile Justice (JJ)

Mental Health (MH)

Special Education (Special Ed)





Family Resource Coordination Guide

The Greene County Family Resource Coordination (FRC) Guide is now available.  To view the FRC Guide, click here.

To view all of the Family Resource System Analysis resource materials, click here.

Find-Out - Number of Daily Inquiries

Greene County Find-Out receives approximately 35 to 50 inquiries for information or assistance per day.

What do you see as the greatest need in Greene County?