Family Stability

September 14, 2009

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: 

Tracie Wilson (GCHS-D&A); Rosanna Burris (GCHS-D&A); Pat Lemley (Co-Chair, Community Representative); Cheryl Johnson (CASW); Donna Johnson (CASW); Tammy Morris (Pressley Ridge); Misty Hannah (Pressley Ridge); Melanie Balogh (GCHS-D&A); Tina King (CCIS); Stacy Newhouse (SWTS, Inc.); Michelle Voithofer (IU1-HCI)


Tracie Wilson, Chair, opened the meeting with introductions from those present. 



Relative Caregiver Retreat

o   The event will be held on October 20th from 8:30AM-2:30PM at the Fairgrounds in the 4-H building.

o   Speakers are lined-up.  Topics include:  Family Group Decision Making, Signs of Drug Use/Medication Safety in the Home, Child Support/Custody, and Internet Safety.

o   Catering will be done by Hot Rod’s.  However, this may change due to the budget impasse.

o   Agency representatives will pay $10 registration fee.  Agencies will also be able to set up an informational table as well (at no cost unless staying for lunch).

o   Tracie will call Carolyn to touch base about the event and the registration brochures.

o   The next planning meeting will be held on October 5th at 9:00 in the 3rd floor large conference room of the Fort Jackson Building.


Holiday Escape

o   Tracie confirmed the date with the fairgrounds.  Cathy suggested using the upper part of the 4-H building.  Those present discussed that option and decided to hold it in the bottom of the building due to kitchen access as well as the walls being better suited to project the movie.

o   The movie selections were discussed.  Four were chosen from (Up, Monsters vs. Aliens, Santa Buddies, and G-Force).  Those present voted; Santa Buddies will be shown.

o   For the next meeting, Family Stability members are to come up with suggestions for getting donations for the event.


Agency Updates

o   Melanie informed the group there will be a Student Assistance Program (SAP) meeting on Thursday at 1:30PM.

o   Michelle informed the group that the IU will be receiving book bags from the Feed the Homeless Initiative again on October 12th.  Family Stability uses the bags at MAGIC Goals and Net MAGIC.


Next Meeting

Monday, October 5, 2009 at 10:00AM


Fort Jackson Building, 3rd Floor Conference Room

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